Inside Onboard: Meet Mary Tedawes


Mary Tedawes joined Onboard in March and has already made a huge splash while working to revamp the way our team interacts with clients and prospective partners. Find out why she never repeats the same bottle of wine and how she has worked to increase efficiencies within our organization.

OB: Tell us a little bit about where you are from and where you live now. MT: I am from Cairo, Egypt and currently live in Queens, New York. A little fact that you probably won't know unless you have seen both cities is that they are VERY similar. There is always traffic, no place to park, too many people on the subway, but more importantly, they're two cities that never sleep, are full of history, immaculate architecture and are simply breath-taking.

OB: Combien de langues parlez-vous? MT: Trois langues! I am really fortunate to have grown up in Cairo where I learned Arabic. I also attended a private French school, Notre Dame Des Apotres, where I studied French for 9 years. When I came to the States, I didn’t have much of a choice but to learn English, my third language. To this day, I continue to find expressions in each of these languages that cannot be expressed in the other two, which I find astounding!

OB: What is a typical day at Onboard like for you? MT: Typical and Onboard cannot be used simultaneously in one sentence. I never have a typical day at Onboard, but this is one of the reasons why I love my role here. I find myself doing different things every day. Briefly, my day revolves around coordinating new clients’ transition into our platform, acting as a liaison between prospective clients and different departments at Onboard, implementing new processes for Sales and VAR (Value Added Reseller) departments to improve productivity and efficiency… but ultimately, everyone’s responsibility here is to make sure that our clients’ expectations are being exceeded every day.

OB: You spend a lot of time working with companies that are interested in Onboard. How would you describe the ideal partnership? MT: An ideal partnership is one with shared benefits, mutual understanding and clear communication. Onboard is selective about who we form partnerships with because we take pride in the quality and innovation of our services. As much as a prospect can be interested in our business model, we need to be equally interested in theirs. Your name and size are not what makes us decide to partner with you; we value the small brokers just as much as we value the market leaders, and we’re here to help you become market leaders within your spectrum if you let us do what we do best, be your advisor.

OB: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? MT: I enjoy cooking and although I will look up recipes, I will never follow them and will usually end up with a completely different meal than I had initially intended! They usually come out well, says my boyfriend, but do you believe him? I am also a big wine fan, and I have never bought the same bottle of wine more than once, simply because I believe that every bottle of wine comes with its own experience and story; days in our lives are not usually repeated, then why repeat the wine?

OB: What makes Onboard unique? MT: Our culture! It is truly unique because everyone at Onboard, from top to bottom, works extremely hard to maintain and grow Onboard. Things change often and rapidly in our field, everyone here comprehends this very well and everyone is flexible enough to embrace the changes. Not to mention all the fun that the Onboard family has together, we play just as hard as we work!

OB: Where is one place our out-of-town clients must visit when they stop by the city? MT: When you’re in town, please come visit us, we would love for you to meet everyone on our team. We would love the opportunity to show you around the heart of the Financial District where we’re located! After you come visit us, around the corner from Onboard’s home, is the South Street Seaport. You will see piers, historic vessels, the South Street Seaport museum, a clear view of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as a wide variety of stores for the shoppers in all of us and an even wider variety of great restaurants and bars! My personal favorite is Cowgirl Seahorse on Front Street. Altogether, you’ll have an exquisite experience. Be careful of the cobblestone streets and be sure to let me know how it goes!