Access to detailed information on every property and community in the country.  

Since 2002, clients use that information to improve lead conversion, online experiences, referrals, relationships and revenue.                   Let's see how we can do the same for you.  




Create or invest in products that include accurate details on any property in the country.   Feature the information people care about including trends, transactions, valuation estimates and more.  




Build or buy digital tools that include the information people need to truly understand a community, from schools to transit, points of interest, crime rates, demographics and more.




Having the best solutions in the world won't help your business if you don't connect to the right people.  Our data  helps identify targets so everything you do produces better results. 

Essential Information on Every Property and Community in the Country


View detailed information below to see what is is available and how you can access the data you need to suit your business, budget and objectives.   


Inspiration and ideas on what you can build using the best real estate data available

Understand the potential of this data so you can build something that will exceed your expectations.  This is a small sampling of how some organizations have used this data to huge benefits.  

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Century 21 uses community and school information to augment their listing pages and keep visitors engaged with their site and brand longer.

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Hoss Pratt uses property data including estimated valuations to create an AVM that attracts and identifies future home-sellers.  

Berkshire Hathaway creates an engaging online experience for visitors with custom community pages that provide a real sense of the local neighborhood.

Turnkey Products Designed to Impact your Business


These data-driven solutions improve your business without the time and expense of custom work.


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myAVM is the valuation tool that provides interactive value estimates on every property in the country and helps you capture more seller leads.  Stop buying leads and start generating your own with this valuable tool.

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Neighborhood Navigator 2.0

Nav 2 is the easiest way to turn your website into a lead generation machine.  Get the content and tools that instantly help engage, capture and nurture digital leads.  

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