School Data

Details, reviews and ratings on 150,000+ public, private and parochial schools and school districts throughout the US.



Detailed information on 125,000+ public and private schools and districts throughout the US with over 95 fields. Fields include specific programs and classes as well as statistics concerning the enrollment, grade span, teaching staff, class size and more. 


  • Over 125,000 public and private schools
  • 81,000+ School Test Score Ratings
  • Approximately 358,445 School Reviews
  • 47,000+ School Ratings

Content Categories:

  • School & District Profile
  • School Programs
  • State Test Scores
  • School Test Score Ratings
  • School Ratings & Reviews
  • Students and Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Principal and / or Superintendent name and contact information

Update Frequency:

  • School/District Profile – Quarterly
  • School Programs – Quarterly
  • Test Scores – Quarterly
  • School Test Score Ratings – Monthly
  • School Reviews & Ratings – Monthly


  • Flat file via File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


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