Property Data

The largest arsenal of US public records databases with 150 million property records, assessments and property tax figures.  In addition, Onboard has valuations, transactions, market insights and more on every property in the country.  



The Property Records Include some of the following data points:

  • property records
  • property assessments
  • property tax figures

What kinds of questions can data from the /property resource help answer?

  • What properties fall within a radius of a given point (lat/long)?
  • Are there properties within a zip code with property taxes of a given range?
  • What properties with these specific characteristics can be found within a specific boundary (i.e. school district, neighborhood, or zip code)

Let’s say you want to increase your SEO by building property landing pages on your site.  Property landing pages are a great way to increase your online footprint and drive more organic traffic to your website or online application.  More information on the benefits of property landing pages can be found here.   

valuation ESTIMATEs

Accurate home values based on a scientific approach to valuation, taking multiple geographic segments and property trends into account. Execute and retrieve AVM in real-time through a web interface or bulk.

  • Value estimate and high to low value ranges for each property
  • Confidence ratings for the values returned
  • Over 90 million valuations
  • Property characteristics where available
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Year Built
  • Living Square Feet
  • Lot Size
  • Number of Stories
  • Property Type
  • APN
  • Latitude/Longitude


  • Property values calculated using multiple models and inputs including assessments, sales, on market prices and trends
  • Updated monthly
  • Available via API

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