Introducing a New Way to Generate Seller Leads

myAVM is the first valuation tool designed for millennials with a modern, clean interface and in-depth, accurate information on the value of a home.  Get started with a free two week trial and as little as $39 / month.  

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Generate new seller leads for your business

Home sellers are valuable.  Rather than paying a third party for these leads, why not generate your own?  Capture leads on your own website or with a unique landing page with no website integration required.


Automatically stay in contact with them

Every lead receives valuation updates on their property every two weeks with your brand and contact information.  myAVM doesn't just help you get seller leads, it makes sure you keep them. 

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Land more clients

Help land more clients and build your own credibility with printed reports. Bring them to new clients or email them to prospects.  Every report is accurate, beautiful and features your brand and contact information.  

Choose the Right Plan for You


Up to 100 myAVM Reports Per Month


Up to 200 myAVM Reports Per Month


Starts at $100 per month



  • Free two-week trial
  • Branded/Hosted Landing Page
  • Printed Reports
  • Neighborhood alert emails sent twice a month


  • Free two-week trial
  • Branded/Hosted Landing Page - Choose from 3
  • Printed Reports - Choose from 5 color schemes
  • Neighborhood alert emails sent twice a month
  • Add your Facebook or Google pixel
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  • Branded/Hosted Landing Pages
  • Printed Reports
  • Neighborhood alert emails sent twice a month
  • Add your Facebook or Google pixel
  • Embedded I-frame code snippet
  • Available for brokers, agents or agent teams looking for complete integration and unlimited monthly reports
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Data you can Trust

15 Years in the Industry

myAVM consumes thousands of data points to create an estimated property valuation. Property values are calculated using multiple models and inputs including assessments, sales, on market prices and trends. All data is updated monthly using the data aggregation methodology Onboard has perfected after 15 years.

National Coverage

With national coverage, our valuations covers over 94 million US properties. 

Interactive Features

The valuation offers a range and allows users to indicate the condition of the property, creating an opportunity to start a dialogue with every visitor.

More Seller Leads for your Business

Automated Valuation Models are a proven way to generate seller leads, but many of the turnkey options available today are either cost prohibitive or difficult to digest. myAVM is a reaction to this trend, providing attractive, accurate reports that are priced to appeal to any size real estate company.

Seller leads provide agents more control over the home sale.  Because these leads are so valuable, having tools you can trust that resonate with sellers can make a big difference in your business.  

Using an Automated Valuation Model like myAVM can help you get more seller leads for your business.  Try it today for free.

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