Welcome to Jump Start, a Discount Program for Start-Ups

15 years ago Onboard Informatics was three guys in a basement in Brooklyn.  Today we supply premium real estate data to some of the largest brands in the country.  Along the way, we launched Jump Start, a program tailored for start-ups (like we once were) featuring the tools, support and data you need to get off the ground.  Jump Start is designed to grow with you through an extended free trial period,  significant discounts the first year,  and total access to the property, area and owner information available on our Developer Platform to help you build your business.   We'll give you the jump.  Let's get started.

Some of the Hundreds of Participants Who Have Benefited from Jump Start



Commissions Inc. was founded in 2011 with the mission to build a platform that could run entire real estate businesses from top to bottom. Now being North America’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Technology Company, Commissions Inc. will implement Onboard Informatics’ Neighborhood Suite and Market Information Suite into their clients’ industry-leading real estate platforms.

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Apartment List

Apartment List's website has nearly one million non-traditional real estate listings from coast to coast. With the addition of Onboard Informatics’ local content, users can now understand a surrounding area’s nearby points of interest and if the rent-to-own or lease-option-to-buy process is right for them.


patch of Land

Patch of Land enables users to invest in individual real estate projects by establishing transparency, low minimums, and ease of transaction through project-by-project real estate investments. Using Onboard Informatics’ Neighborhood Suite and Market Information Suite, Patch of Land will provide greater transparency for these real estate investment projects.


What is Jump Start?

Jump Start is the exclusive program for Startups from Onboard Informatics. Jump Start offers premium real estate data at startup prices, so new companies can build what they need, even with limited resources. Jump Start is only available at Onboard Informatics.

When did Jump Start begin?

Jump Start began as "Start Up Wars" in 2013 and expanded to a larger startup community in 2017.  

Why did Onboard Informatics start Jump Start?

Onboard Informatics understands what it like to want to grow your company with limited resources, especially in early stages.  Fifteen years ago, Onboard was made up of three guys in a basement and now we deliver premium real estate data to some of the biggest brands in the country.  We were helped along the way and now want to return the favor.  

What is included in the Jump Start Program?

Jump Start offers complete access to every dataset within the Onboard Developer Platform, including community, property, owner and mortgage data on every property in the country.  The Jump Start program offers an extended free trial program and discounted pricing the first year of the program.  For more information on what data is available at Onboard, visit our Developer Platform here.  

What is the application process like?

The application process consists of a simple qualification call.  If you are interested in participating in Jump Start, simply fill out the form below and one of our representatives will reach out with simple questions on the phase of your business.  

How long can my company be a part of Jump Start?

Jump Start is designed to grow with your company.  The pricing will tier up as your company grows.  There is no finite time limit on Jump Start.  

What type of information does Onboard Informatics provide?

Onboard Informatics offers premium data on the most popular information in real estate. This includes property information, community information and owner information for every neighborhood in the country.  Check out our data dictionary and interactive docs for each API on the Developer Platform. These should be able to give you a good idea of all of the data we offer and how it would be returned through the APIs. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, let us know and we would love to talk more about trying to get you what you need!

Does a Jump Start discount apply to turnkey products like Nav 2.0 or just for your APIs?

We are happy to extend the Jump Start program to our entire suite of products, but find that our Developer Platform is the best fit for more of our Jump Start participants.  

I have more questions - where can I go to get my other questions answered?

Please feel free to fill out the form below and an Onboard representative will reach out to you directly. 


Reach New Heights with your New Company

When launching a new company, you have limited runway to generate traction in the marketplace.Onboard Informatics Founder Marc Siden and Patch of Land's Chief Marketing Officer AdaPia d'Errico take on this critical period in any Startup in this exclusive webinar to answer your questions about how to generate the most exposure for your brand when faced with a time and budget crunch.


Developer Platform Overview

Watch the complete demonstration of the Developer Platform from Onboard Informatics. Learn what information is available, where to access it, and how to get started for free.


Overview of Onboard Informatics

Onboard Informatics is the leader of real estate data with information on every property and community in the country and 15 years of experience. See how we can help make your business better at www.onboardinformatics.com.


To participate in the Jump Start program, we'll just need to have a brief qualification call.  Once we understand where you are at with your business and how we can help, we can get started.  Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

Thank you for your interest in Jump Start.  


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