Case Studies

Onboard Case Studies examine the impact of real estate data on specific businesses. 



The results from four different companies who used Onboard data to generate new leads, nurture those leads, and convert those leads to new business.  Features four types of companies, how they utilized the data and what business results they experienced within six months.  

 Published Summer 2015

Published Summer 2015



Protection 1 is the largest full-service security company in the US. They provide a variety of security and automation services to homes and businesses from more than 70 local offices nationwide.  This case study explored the results of their digital marketing efforts after incorporating data from Onboard Informatics into their strategy. 

  • Online traffic increased 109%
  • Built 40,000 unique pages by geographic area with the Onboard data, signifantly increasing their online footprint and boosting SEO results
 Published Fall 2011

Published Fall 2011


how nrt boosted listings traffic with neighborhood navigator 

This Case Studies details the results when NRT incorporated Neighborhood Navigator into their Century 21 website.  The results included:

  • Increasing online traffic to their community and school pages 160%
  • Increasing overall time on site 15%
  • Total page views on listings pages increased 6%
 Published Spring 2006

Published Spring 2006


Harry Norman Realtors Uses and Onboard Tools for Business Development

Harry Norman Realtors, a Category 7 company serving the metropolitan Atlanta area, as well as northwest Georgia and Highlands, North Carolina, needed comparative school analysis for a business development project.  This case study explores how they used Onboard school data to achieve their objectives. 


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