Onboard has boundary data for many levels of geography, including counties, places, neighborhoods and more. You can use these boundaries to give your users more context and to aggregate data to visualize on a map.  Our boundaries cover over 40,000 neighborhoods, 445,000 residential subdivisions and 500 metros.



Our boundary data comes from Maponics, the United States Postal Service (USPS) as well as selected geographic areas from the Census Bureau’s MAF/TIGER database.

  • Neighborhood Boundaries, updated Quarterly: 40,878
  • Residential Boundaries, updated Quarterly: 446,843
  • Metro Boundaries, updated Quarterly: 502
  • State + District of Columbia, updated Annually: 50
  • County, updated Annually: 3,233
  • Core based Statistical Area, updated Annually: 929
  • PL Census Place, updated Annually: 29,829
  • CS County Subdivision, updated Annually: 36,387
  • ZI Zip Code, updated Annually: 33,144
  • Postal Zip Code, updated Annually: 32,147

School Attendance Zones

Coverage of over 93% of the US student population with continuous updates to provide the most accurate and current representation of school attendance zone.  The data set also covers 100% of student enrollment at the school district level as well as all of the country's public and private school locations.  


  • Responses are delivered as XML or JSON for fast display of neighbohoods, ZIP Codes and other geographic boundaries
  • Updated quarterly 


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