Zillow is Taking Your Traffic. How to Get it Back:


More than half of all people searching for real estate online end up at Zillow. The exact number, according to Inman, is 53.6%. Zillow is crushing online search, and likely taking part of your market share in the process. Today 92% of home shoppers conduct online searches. Your future customers are online and today, Zillow is winning. Good news. If you have 10 minutes, you can learn how to get some of that traffic back.

Zillow’s outstanding SEO strategy includes thousands of localized landing pages designed to boost their ranking in organic search. So when people Google “Phoenix Real Estate” guess who rises to the top?

Up until now, there wasn’t an easy and cost effective way for regional or national brokerages to compete. Now there is.

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Photo Credit: Ian Muttoo on Flicker.com