Yesterday's Purchase will Transform Tomorrow's Engagement Solutions


Yesterday, for the first time in fourteen years, we purchased a company.  AddressReport came to Onboard as a New-York based property website looking to use us to expand nationally.  We entered a partnership as part of our StartUp Wars program and saw them elevate the potential of the data we cultivate to create truly meaningful consumer experiences. Yesterday we purchased the AddressReport platform to give us head start in building turnkey customer engagement solutions.  It’s been quite a trip to get to this point.  When we started Onboard, aggregating this level of local and property data was in itself a novelty.  Today, the novelty isn’t the data – but what the data can do for your business.

So What can it Do?

Everyone talks about engagement – and we believe our content does engage consumers.  But it’s about more than that.  It’s about delivering the right content to the right people when they need it.

Think about the power of that.

  • It’s about knowing your customer will care about your message before you even send it.
  • It’s about identifying where customers are in their buying cycle and sending content that doesn’t inundate, but facilitates their next move.
  • It’s about getting them to not only take note of your company, but lean on your company for guidance and support so they inevitably turn to you when they’re ready to purchase.

With these types of connections, customers will not only spend more money with you, they will feel like your company or service was made for them.  That is the power of what we do every day.

Every time I get a message from my daughter’s school, I open the e-mail.  Every single time.  Why?  Because it’s going to be something I care deeply about.

When you send content to the right people at the right time it evokes a response.  And that’s what we want our data and our solutions to accomplish.  Purchasing AddressReport gets us one step closer to that vision.

So what’s next?

No doubt – you probably already use data for engagement.  Using content to engage and generate leads is nothing new.  What we’re doing with this acquisition is combining three key things: our industry knowledge, our data, and this technology to take personalized engagement in real estate to another level.

We’re not ready for formal announcements or press releases.  The ink is barely dry – but we are excited about the road ahead and feel like Onboard is on the precipice of something truly great.  I’m excited to come to work every day.  I’m excited to share this news with our partners, clients, and friends.  And I’m excited for the potential of what we’re creating and what it means for you.

Look for more on this in the coming weeks and months.  If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.  Send me an e-mail at  Just like when I get an e-mail from my daughter’s school, I will absolutely open it.