Which Super Bowl team are you rooting for?


Fantasy football is long over and your favorite players are (probably) getting ready for a relaxing 18 holes of golf this weekend, but there are still plenty of compelling reasons to watch the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis's last game before retirement? The battle for Harbaugh family bragging rights? You can be sure that plenty of Americans will still tune in this Sunday. Which team they will be cheering for, however, is a little more up in the air. Facebook must have had this question in mind when they recently analyzed NFL fan support based on the number of Likes for each individual team. The map below shows their results:

It's no mystery that support for each team is strongest in the areas that team plays in, with a handful of teams enjoying much more national popularity (the Cowboys must truly be "America's Team"). But you might be surprised to see what happens when Facebook looks at national support for the two teams playing in the Super Bowl - the Ravens and the Niners.

There is a fairly even East-West breakdown, with the Niners strongest in the West and the Ravens strongest in the Mid-Atlantic and the South. But what's most shocking is the strong backing for San Francisco in the Northeast. Why is there such overwhelming support for the 49ers in a region so geographically close to Baltimore? My guess: all those Patriots fans are still bitter over last week's loss to the Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

What do you think? Which team are you rooting for in the Super Bowl and why? Let us know in the comments section.