Where do people run in different cities?


Nathan Yau at FlowingData points out an interesting facet of the activity tracking phenomenon: we often see these maps individually to track the progress of our family, friends, or ourselves. When I run, Nike+ and other sites show common running routes that are user-submitted. With a Eurotrip on the horizon, I'm starting to wonder where the beaten paths are in some cities I haven't yet visited. Enter Yau, who pulled public data from the RunKeeper from 22 U.S. and European cities, created some fascinating maps.

To the naked eye, it appears that people hate running on Manhattan's west side. The density of those tracking their time appears heavier during the marathon, which is the long line touching all 5 boroughs.

Yau says:

"If there's one quick (and expected) takeaway, it's that people like to run by the water and in parks, probably to get away from cars and the scenery. In the smaller inland cities, there seem to be a few high traffic roads with less running elsewhere."

Now, if it could just warm up to an acceptable running temperature...

Image Credit: FlowingData.com