What's next for interactive design?


Bassett & Partners teamed up with Microsoft to let us know what is next in digital design and how it connects to human interaction. This mini-documentary, featuring a handful of designers with strong ideas on interaction design - getting people to think more about content and less about disparate devices - is worth the watch. A few standout ideas:

“You give up a lot of control – the luxury you had back in the day where it was one user, one task, one computer – it’s all gone now. It’s much more like you are setting a stage for other people to perform but you can never tell them what to do.”

“Interaction design five or six years ago meant solving or thinking through choreography of information and feedback and interfaces around a product. The big step was going from thinking about it being contained in each of those things to now thinking about it as something that exists across them.”

“It’s understanding that ecosystem where the human is at the center and understanding that network of things and how they work together – rather than your device being at the center.”

With all the discussion about  user experience and putting the customer front and center this year, we hope you can start to think about these things in your strategy. (Not sure where to start? Let us know where we can help.)

Image Credit: VFS Digital Design on Flickr.com