What Don't-Cha Know About Turkeys


Like every other office in the good ole US of A, everyone here at Onboard is talking turkey. As the inter office gobble-gobble rages on, it became apparent that we know very little about the humble begins of our succulent dinner guest.  After some research, I'd like to congratulate the great state of Minnesota, don't-cha know they produce more turkeys than any other state!

However even within the Land of 10,000 Lakes, certain counties outshine others.  Below are the top 5 turkey-producing counties in Minnesota:

Kandiyohi County– 6.51 million turkeys

  • Population:  41,079
  • Area:  862.2
  • Median Age (of residents, not turkeys):  38
  • Air Pollution Index:  97

Stearns County– 4.6 million turkeys

  • Population:  143,555
  • Area:  1389.9
  • Median Age (of residents, not turkeys):  32
  • Air Pollution Index:  101

Swift County– 4.44 million turkeys

  • Population:  9,859
  • Area:  752.2
  • Median Age (of residents, not turkeys):  42
  • Air Pollution Index:  89

Morrison County– 3.4 million turkeys

  • Population:  33,306
  • Area:  1153.3
  • Median Age (of residents, not turkeys):  37
  • Air Pollution Index:  95

Todd County– 3.06 million turkeys

  • Population:  24,368
  • Area:  979.4
  • Median Age (of residents, not turkeys):  39
  • Air Pollution Index:  110

The turkeys-per-person ratio is highest in Swift County, which produces a whopping 446 turkeys per person.  Over 90% of turkeys in Minnesota are exported, so no need to look into health and obesity rates in Swift County.

Tiny Swift County not only produces a ton of turkeys, but they also are a leader in energy innovation. The county is home to a power plant powered by, get ready for it...turkey litter. The Fibrominn plant in Benson is the nation's first plant fueled by poultry litter. And with 4.4 million turkeys grown there every year, it is practically a renewable energy source. Ready for lunch yet?

From everyone here at Onboard Informatics, have a great Thanksgiving!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons