Weekly Roundup


• Mobile homebuyers can take their search to the next level (and link their activity to their computers) with Redfin's new iPhone app:

"Users can locate nearby listings or open houses using location-based services or search any neighborhood by name or postal code, filtering the search by property type, square footage or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The Redfin App displays listings quickly using Google Maps, and includes every photo and feature of the listing, all in a native format that loads quickly and supports easy, gestured-based navigation using Apple's Multi-Touch user interface."

• Our client ZipRealty now allows potential sellers to review local real estate sales commissions and buyer volume:

"Homeowners looking to sell their homes can now quickly and easily get a snapshot of the current, local real estate sales commission rates in their area, as well as see the number of active buyers shopping for homes in their neighborhood, thanks to a new suite of online tools recently launched by ZipRealty, the company has announced."

• Hot Property blog debates the possibility of a worsening mortgage crisis:

"The second largest cause of foreclosure—after negative equity—was job losses. The plunge in home values over the past couple of years has left about 15.4 million or 20% of home owners owing more than their house is worth. If a larger percentage of those people decide to mail the keys to the bank, foreclosure numbers could surge."

• And last but certainly not least, a marketing lesson from Dave Chappelle (via Future of Real Estate Marketing)

"Granted most of us aren’t stars the magnitude of Dave Chappelle, but each of us, in our own way, can use this understanding that by doing something remarkable, and better yet, by giving it away for free, you can create instantly communicate, invigorate and even resuscitate your brand to your fans."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com