Weekly Roundup


Here are a few of our recent favorites: • Chris Palmeri of BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog discusses how television production can't keep up with the real estate market:

"On vacation last week I watched a lot of real estate reality shows and realized just how quickly they can get outdated in this horrible housing market. Some of the shows do reflect the post-bubble reality. A show on HGTV called Real Estate Intervention follows a guy who looks and acts like a tough-as-nails police detective as he convinces homeowners that they can’t sell their house at the high price they hoped."

• Another interesting perspective on the ongoing social media conversation (via BloodhoundBlog):

"Social Media 'experts' have attitude that if you’re cool enough, transparent enough, and seem to care enough, a brinks truck full of money will be backed up to your door, you’ll get on the cover of a National Real Estate Magazine, and you’ll be given the recognition that you’ve always wanted. Your 'personal brand' will dominate the landscape and you will become the recipient of tickertape parades all across the country. As if."

• Our partner, Yelp, slyly introduces the first iPhone implementation of Augmented Reality:

"Augmented reality uses your iPhone’s camera, GPS, and compass to show virtual items in the real world. Put your camera in front of a restaurant and it will come up with info, or use it to find nearby Twitter users. The potential is endless."

•  And speaking of Yelp, Jeff Bernheisel of Inman applauds real estate's potential with it - but only for good agents:

"If you attended Connect SF this month, you may have heard Yelp COO Geoff Donaker discuss the fact that thousands of Real Estate professionals have been reviewed on Yelp. It's the ultimate in transparency, and it's where our industry needs to head whether we like it or not."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com