Weekly Roundup


ReadWriteWeb honored the social media site, Facebook,  trumping all other internet sites as the Best BigCo of 2010.  Facebook edged out Google and Apple:

"Facebook passed 400 million active users in February and continued its ascent throughout the year. As at date of writing [12/28/10], Facebook boasts more than 500 million active users, half of whom log on to Facebook on any given day. The average user has 130 friends and, in aggregate, Facebook users spend "over 700 billion minutes per month" on the site. In November, Hitwise reported that Facebook gets nearly 25% of page views in the United States."

• The number of foreclosure notices filed in November 2010 plunged 21%, the biggest month-over-month drop ever recorded by RealtyTrac, complements of robo-signing moratoriums (via CNN/Money):

"The number of Americans who actually lost their homes to bank repossessions plummeted even more steeply -- to 67,428. That was off a whopping 28% from 93,236 in October. Repossessions are down a third since September.  The drop in total filings, which include notices of default, scheduled auctions and repossessions, followed a 4% decline a month earlier. RealtyTrac CEO James Saccacio attributed the downtrend to fallout from the recent robo-signing controversy."

4Realz Strategies posted on how professionals can use social networking tools to build and strengthen relationships...in particular, those relationships with people who are beneficial to business opportunities:

"The main idea behind Gist is pretty similar to other social media aggregators like MyBlogLog, FriendFeed , Seesmic and Google Buzz in that you add all of your other social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and then use one tool to see all your updates.  However, there’s one HUGE improvement they’ve made.  Rather than forcing you to view updates based on a timeline (i.e. most recent updates first), they allow you to view updates in a “people” mode where you can view all the updates from that person (whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, their blog, foursquare, etc.) based on the importance that you’ve selected."

• What sets the BlueRoof360 Blog Network apart from the rest:

"First it’s widgetized, meaning you can put blogs anywhere you want on a website- on any page, and in any size, and put all the different components you would want to have (featured properties, blog search top posts, images, videos, text, etc) anywhere you want around it.  Second, with our network you can have blogs that write themselves- or rather automate themselves with articles by other bloggers, or by the professional writers we pay to write content for the network."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com