Weekly Roundup


We had some server issues last week, and we were not able to bring you any interesting articles - so here is a double dose of the Weekly Roundup. Enjoy.

Happy 50th Birthday to the space shuttle Echo-1, the father of all modern satellite communications (via Gizmodo):

“Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Echo 1, history's first passive satellite. NASA's Echo mission began rather poorly. A test launch had exploded so brightly, so spectacularly, that it prompted frightened calls up and down the entire eastern seaboard.

Problems with legalizing jailbroken iPhones (via CNET):

“The jailbreak for the iPhone released over the weekend may have exposed a flaw in the iPhone's mobile Safari browser. Unlike previous jailbreaks, which required the iPhone to be connected to a computer to run the software update, the latest jailbreak, posted by the iPhone Dev Team at Jailbreakme.com, is accomplished via the Safari browser loaded on the device.

Teleconferencing and its impact on businesses travel (via Chicago Tribune):

“Technology has made many things easy. We record TV shows and fast-forward through commercials. We listen to far-flung radio broadcasts live on our telephones. And we meet face to face with clients and staff members from thousands of miles away.

A look at why fewer new homes are being built (via Bubble Meter):

“It is a long and slow decline. Housing prices were simply unsustainable. National housing bubble coverage, with special attention to the Washington, DC area housing bubble.

How can we bring quality jobs back to the United States (via Redfin Blog):

“Grove argues that Silicon Valley can’t create jobs because we out-source most of our manufacturing abroad. His startling political opinion is that the goal of our government’s economic policy should be to maximize profitable employment, not just total corporate profit.

Another depressing, but important mortgage story (via Bloodhound Blog):

“Unfortunately, even Congress — that bastion of liberalism and home of the bailout — is tiring of pouring good money after bad into the two mortgage giants that have been sucking up all the mortgages — good and bad — that private industry is willing to create. To paraphrase one-time third party Presidential candidate, Ross Perot: That giant sucking sound you hear is taxpayer money subsidizing home mortgages.

Sales from Realogy Corp and its franchisees lead transactions in the rankings (via RISMedia):

“Sales professionals affiliated with Realogy Corporation or its franchisees represent 41% of the nation’s Top 400 residential real estate agents and teams based on sales volume and transaction sides, according to the fifth annual rankings report published by The Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com