Weekly Roundup


The utilization of mobile devices and QR codes for real estate listings (via Inman News):

“Real estate marketing is getting ever more mobile, but one of the most effective tools an agent has is still that iconic, printed yard sign. For those agents interested in directing potential clients from printed materials to the ever-ubiquitous smart phones in their hands, startups specializing in QR (Quick Response) codes are springing up.

An interesting utilization of the iPad (via Geek Estate blog):

SignMyPad is a new iPad app that lets you sign and fill out pdfs right from your iPad. If you’re like me, you chafe every time you need to print out a form, fill it out and sign it, scan it, then discard the original printed version. While there are much larger and more established companies such as Docusign, SignMyPad takes a different approach. Instead of a computer generated signature, with SignMyPad you literally sign with your finger.

How simple things can improve your internet marketing and also customer relations (via Agent Genius):

“How often do you go into a listing appointment and talk about how slick your internet marketing is?  When you’re trying to impress a potential client and prove to them that your listing package is the best thing to come around since Al Gore invented the internet, it’s easy to talk about listing feeds, show a video or two, and perhaps even show off your site statistics or how well you rank for Google keywords.  All of that is great, but as more agents become better connected themselves, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep yourself a cut above the rest.

A look at the marketing of HTC and how it can be implemented in real estate (via 1000watt):

“You may know HTC as the object of a lot of smart phone industry buzz. What you may also know is that their phones – Evo, Aria, Eris and Incredible – are taking this industry by storm. They’re kicking Nokia’s nuts and threatening Apple’s attempt to corner the market. How is that happening? I decided to do a little checking. Seems they’re doing a lot right. More on that below. It also made me think it would be instructive to pull this brand through a cosmic wormhole and ask the question…

And a fun one for everyone: the future of clothing production and design (via Gizmodo):

“Fashion site Ecouterre has an article on the 3D printed clothes phenomenom, and the museum of Modern Art is exhibiting the Dutch designer Freedom of Creation's works already. It's not just the lure of having clothes that fit properly that's appealing for designers—3D printing also helps cut down on labor costs and could be seen as reducing waste.

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com