Weekly Roundup


An interesting look at the rising value of information (via RISMedia):

“In today’s business world, content is most definitely king. But it’s not enough to just have great content—it’s about how you distribute that content and how quickly you can get it to your intended audience. The real estate industry is no different.

Revamped Google images and the potential it has for real estate (via 1000Watt):

“Google launched a revamp of their Google Images search this week. The service has been a remarkable catalog of the web’s visual information since 2001 and now indexes over 10 billion images. But as of now, it’s even cooler.

A look at some of the most creative and interesting business cards (via Agent Genius):

“Many of these cards are no more than two colors, are the standard rectangle, yet they are well outside of the box of the normal business cards and most of theses cost the same or less than what you’re currently paying, given the advent of ordering online. If you’re not creative, hire a designer, they’re not super expensive for business cards. If you are creative, you’ll get your inspirational juices flowing with these pictures below.

Possibility for a new real estate tax by 2013 (via Bubble Meter):

“Apparently, ObamaCare contains a new tax on real estate. It only affects 'the rich.' However, given enough time and inflation, it may start affecting middle class Americans, much like the AMT.

An interesting comparison of Facebook and Google (via Future of Real Estate Marketing):

“One of my favorite sessions at Real Estate Connect SF was a panel answering the question: Is Facebook bigger than Google?

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com