Weekly Roundup


Group of high profile Google and Bing engineers embark to change the news (via TechCrunch):

“Delivering news digitally in a personalized manner is a nut many a startup – as well as many established Internet companies and publishers – are desperately trying to crack.

Tips to create personal wealth, 8 things that can help you (via Real Blogging):

“Affluence begins with an affluent state of mind. One of the best ways to stand out as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to hold the vision of a vibrant economic future, yours in particular. View the present marketplace as a place of opportunity rather than focus on the reality as presented to us by the media and other naysayers.  What is true is that some luxury homes are selling in most upper tier marketplaces.

Highlights from the San Fransisco Inman real estate convention (via Future Of Real Estate Marketing):

by the way – these are just SOME of the highlights – there were WAY more speakers and great content than listed below!”

Home sellers cutting prices (via Bubble Meter):

“That heady buzz from the home buyer tax credit is now turning into a grinding headache, as home sellers realize their very temporary, government-induced catbird seat has now fallen back to earth.

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com