Weekly Roundup


Government helps struggling homeowners (via Advertising Age):

For homeowners that are unemployed and underwater, they don’t always qualify for traditional loan modifications or governmental assistance, so last month, the Obama administration set aside $2.1 billion in assistance for ten of the worst hit states. Each state had to submit plans that were innovative in order for their method to be approved. The plans varied from subsidizing mortgage payments for up to 2 years to paying down principle.

Interesting insight into the trends of our economy (via Bubble Meter):

There's a sharp divergence emerging in the U.S. economic recovery, with housing stumbling and the industrial sector booming.

A great buyers guide for homeowners insurance (via Sellsius Real Estate):

So you finally own your own home. Congratulations. The first thing you are going to need is homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance is one of those things no one likes to talk about.

John Tuccillo on the state of the housing sector (via Real Blogging):

For months, we’ve been wondering if the housing sector was rebounding or whether the good news was a creature of the tax credit. Well,  the jury is still out, but we have a microphone in the jury room and it doesn’t look good. The May numbers were just plain disappointing, and no amount of it-takes-longer-to-close-a-short-sale explaining away will excuse it.

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com