Weekly Roundup


Interesting use of GPS information of images in Flickr (via Gizmodo):

“If you are going on vacation to New York, London, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Chicago, or any nice city in the coming months, these maps will tell you where are the most popular photo spots.

Brian Boero talks iPhone and iPad apps for real estate (via 1000wattblog):

“With these apps and a handful of other well done entrants, is there a need for every brokerage in America to develop their own (and likely far less delightful) app?

• Critics give NAR mixed reviews in lobbying Congress (via Agent Genius):

“Despite how this extension makes the real estate sector appear, others are supporting the move for the sheer fact that loan officers are up against unprecedented difficulties in getting loans processed and most of it is outside the control of Realtors and their clients."

• Greg Swann talks about the correlation of economic freedom and corruption as it relates to the poverty of a given population (via BloodHound Blog):

“Countries that pursue policies of economic freedom have rich populations. Countries that obstruct free enterprise have poor populations. The relative wealth or poverty of a given population is strongly correlated with and can be readily predicted from the level of economic oppression in that political economy.

Shedding some light on the decline of mortgage delinquencies (via AOL Housing Watch):

“Stricter lending rules have helped curb the number of mortgage delinquencies. Agencies from the FHA to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are reporting a decreasing number of people who are behind on mortgage payments.

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com