Weekly Roundup


Meet the new face of search (via Mint Factory):

"Major changes to the Google interface focused on user experience and easier search management. The New Google interface has been designed to greatly reduce time that average user spends before reaching relevant content they’ve been looking for."

Five ways to give Gen X and Gen Y clients what they want (via Inman):

"...today's buyers and sellers don't want to have to register to receive property information. Nor do they want to reveal who they are to a Realtor who may 'drip' them, call them, or pursue them about buying or selling before they are ready to proceed."

Google Latitude clocks 3 million active users, passing FourSquare and MyTown (via TechCrunch):

"Lee said that one reason it took some time for Latitude to take off was that there hasn’t been very good iPhone support. The iPhone is key for a lot of location services. The majority of users of Foursquare and all of MyTown users are on the iPhone (or iPod touch/iPad), for example."

Teresa Boardman argues that you won't find quick sales on social media outlets (via Inman):

"Using social media to grow a business is like farming. When I first started as a Realtor, new Realtors were encouraged to farm a geographic area. This was to be done in conjunction with open houses, cold calling and various other methods of getting business. We were told that agents often fail and throw money away when they farm a geographic area by sending postcards or trinkets, because they don't stick with it long enough. Giving up too soon is like throwing money away. The idea is to keep hitting the same area and get listings and leverage those listings to get more business."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com