Weekly Roundup


One of our client's franchised companies, BHGRE Rand Realty, was ranked #1 by GHVMLS with 20,000+ uniques/day (via RISMedia):

"In addition to providing information from all five Multiple Listing Services serving the Hudson Valley, the website features: Community profiles describing dozens of towns and cities throughout the Hudson Valley; Blogs analyzing market trends and industry news; Community Events listings; Instructional videos on topics such as home staging and interior design and a “Live” section with dozens of articles and how-to lessons from Better Homes and Gardens magazine on remodeling, interior design, landscaping and green living."

Open Video Alliance plays with the idea of collaborative video on Wikipedia (via ReadWriteWeb):

"The project encourages Wikipedia users to add videos using the '100% free and open source video stack powered by HTML5 and Theora' that is the standard for the site. Our contention, however, is that while technical issues in adding media have certainly had a limiting role, is this all that has kept multimedia from dotting the pages of our favorite collaborative encyclopedia? Can video be collaborative? While we wonder about the collaborative nature of the site versus the more fixed nature of video, others have already been hard at work making collaborative video a (potential) reality."

If you use Google for scheduling meetings, your life just got a little easier (via ReadWriteWeb):

"If you have ever tried to reschedule a meeting that includes more than two people, a conference room, equipment and a team that is distributed across multiple time zones, you know how hard this can be.With Smart Rescheduler, Google Calendar will give you a set of alternative dates based on a ranking algorithm that keeps everybody's availability and other criteria in mind."

Google, Intel, and Sony form a partnership to bring Google TV into the living room (via The New York Times):

"The move is an effort by Google and Intel to extend their dominance of computing to television, an arena where they have little sway. For Sony, which has struggled to retain a pricing and technological advantage in the competitive TV hardware market, the partnership is an effort to get a leg up on competitors."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com