Weekly Roundup


A sweet loft in our neighborhood belonging to director Barry Sonnenfeld is bought (via Curbed):

"This 2,270-square-foot loft at 25 Ann Street used to belong to Barry Sonnenfeld, director of 'Men in Black' and 'The Addams Family,' and his wife, Susan Ringo. But apparently it wasn't a cool enough place to shoot aliens, because Sonnenfeld and Ringo have unloaded the place for $1.8 million, afte rlisting it for $1.895 million in late September."

• Robert Albanese goes over 7 steps to reinventing your leadership style (via CleanSlate blog):

"Once you have your agent’s agreement on these points, you essentially have bridged the gap to a new set of leadership behaviors.  From this point on, if any agent questions why you are doing a certain thing or why things are different from before, all that you need to do is remind them that the entire office agreed on the new direction and that you are simply supporting that ‘new company vision.’"

The top 5 real estate social media blunders (via FOREM):

"Enough about me, let’s talk about ME! Yes, social media is social – but at some point, it is NOT all about you! This is tough in real estate, where you learn from every marketing person to ‘sell yourself’ and ‘you are your brand’ – which is true – but many people (especially the Gen X and Gen Y crowd) don’t want to hear all about you – they want to know about the interesting things going on in the community, in their neighborhood, local market stats, and other things that make what YOU do valuable to them."

• Joel Burslem on the Golden Age of Real Estate Search and Redfin's expansion (via 1000wattblog):

"Redfin expanded into Oregon this week. I’m excited – if for no other reason that I am finally able to use one of the best online search interfaces in my home market. We’ve come a long way with search since the introduction and explosion of map-based search tools not so many years back. And while the tools available to consumers today are better than they’ve ever been, I still think there are more exciting things to come."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com