Weekly Roundup


• Google Buzz made its debut this week, but here are some privacy concerns to note before you get your buzz on (via MSNBC):

"If you've heard of Google Buzz, chances are you've also heard about some of the privacy concerns that surround it. The social media service offers some cool ways to share photos, links, status messages, and more with fellow Google Buzz users. But if you're not careful, you may end up sharing more than you expect."

• The Slate 60 list of largest philanthropic donors in America included four from the real estate industry (via AgentGenius):

“We decided to analyze the list this year to see how generous leaders in the real estate sector despite the crumbling industry and was surprised to see that several people linked to the real estate industry made the list with their philanthropic efforts. Four made the list this year, two of whom gave more money than Oprah!"

• FOREM looked at the top things Realtors could take away from Super Bowl Sunday (via Future of Real Estate Marketing):

"How does this apply to Realtors? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of buzz. In the past if you wanted to brand yourself you’d spend a lot of money on glossy magazines, park benches, and even worse – grocery carts. These days all you need is time and a plan. Within minutes you can create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account. With that you are armed to build your brand. You know those agents who put together detailed spreadsheets and calendars outlining their farming or SOI strategy? That’s the type of detail I’m talking about. To create a lot of buzz you have to get serious about your social media plan."

• Nearly 20,000 luxury properties with multi-million dollar price tags went into foreclosure last year (via REALTOR Mag):

"In 2009, 18,817 properties worth at least $1 million faced foreclosure. That’s up 162 percent from 2008, reported foreclosure marketer RealtyTrac. Prices of $1 million-plus properties are down about 25 percent since 2007 with an increasing number of desperate home owners choosing auction sales over waiting for years for the right buyer to come along."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com