Weekly Roundup


This week we've got one for the mobile people, one for the bloggers, the brokers, and the Google-obsessed: • The NYC Best App contest we mentioned a couple weeks back is now open for worldwide voting (via Epicenter):

"New York City today asked people all over the world to pick the best new mobile and web apps that make the Big Apple “more transparent, accessible and accountable. NYC BigApps contest entrants mash official information from the  NYC Data Mine with outside data and services. The hopes is to create a cool and useful app that will win the developers some of the $20,000 in taxpayer money offered as prizes."

• A short and sweet post on what makes a crappy blog article (via Future of RE Technology blog):

"1. Be working late at night and get an idea to write a post just because you haven’t written one in a while. Write the short post about an important subject and don’t check for grammar or spelling errors. 3. Write a stupid call to action at the end."

• Real Estate Tomato gives advice to brokers looking for their website to be the cornerstone of their marketing and sales plan:

"It is time for brokers to take back the technological aspects of the business back and win once and for all the Internet battle with regard to real estate."

• Katie Lance of FOREM reviews the latest and greatest Google product releases:

"Take a picture of a book, a store, a landmark and that picture translates into a search for that object. It is still in its infancy and only available on the Android (but the rumor is that it will available soon on Google Chrome) but think about the possibilities for real estate search. What if this worked with homes on the market? You could snap a photo and instantly see how long it had been on the market, details about the home, listing agent, virtual tours, and more."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com