Weekly Roundup


• Bing introduces 3-D photosynth maps (via Fast Company):

In an effort to beat Google at mapping, Microsoft Bing will use crowd-sourced photos to create a 3-D virtual worlds in its Maps application, the company has told FastCompany.com. The 3-D models will eventually be knitted into Bing Maps' existing aerial and street-views and will allow users to explore and zoom at a level of detail that Google and Yahoo Maps can't presently match."

• Frank Borges LLosa advocates for electronic signatures and paperless real estate processes in the latest of Wheel Estate Cam (via Inman):

"It's time to say goodbye to your fax machine and printer, says Frank Borges LLosa of FranklyRealty.com in Arlington, Va., who advocates for electronic signatures and paperless real estate processes. He suggests Adobe Acrobat (full version), PDFtypewriter, and eFax, among other programs that can be useful to facilitate paperless transactions."

• The best new BlackBerry applications for the real estate professional - and a cute little holiday poem to go along with it (via MyTechOpinion):

"The apps below just may help you convert your next lead. So with sleigh bells ringing, and Christmas spirit in the air, We bring to you 12 Blackberry apps to review & compare!"

• Eric Byrn gives us the highlights of the future of search engines (via Real Estate Relativity):

"Here’s an article that details some interesting issues relative to search, recapping a Xconomy Forum on the Future of Search and Information Discovery panel recently held in Seattle. On the dais were Microsoft, Google, and a couple of University of Washington professors. Here’s some salient take-aways."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com