Weekly Roundup


• BusinessWeek discusses the lack of transparency and reputable data determining the economic outlook:

"The first place to start is with the accounting for consumer spending data. There is no reason whatsoever that America should be hamstrung by the outdated and often incomplete consumer spending data collected by the Census Bureau and released 30 days after the fact—not when we can get more accurate data almost instantly."

• Developers were pleased to learn Google offered up Javascript tools that will allow app development with Google's code  (via ReadWriteWeb):

"Why is Google doing this? Because the more powerful web applications become, the more important Google's search, browser and nascent OS become. More relevant to developers than some grand anti-Microsoft conspiracy, though, is that some serious UI sweetness may be forthcoming."

• Our client Listingbook introduced their web overhaul (via RISMedia):

"The overhaul affected the public portal pages and there are no changes to the private portal. One of the biggest challenges the company says it faces is also one of their greatest attributes. 'Our system is so deep and rich, full of valuable tools and powerful data,' says Michael Ondrejko, the company’s senior vice president of Operations."

• The Better Homes and Gardens iPhone app made a splash in the RE technology community (via Inman):

"Jeff Turner, president of Zeek Interactive and founder of virtual tour provider RealEstateShows.com, said in a blog post that the app is 'solely focused on consumer benefit' with no obvious attempts to direct users to a real estate agent or away from the home they are interested in."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com