Weekly Roundup


• The FTC steps in to regulate advertising rules for the first time since 1980 (via AdvertisingAge):

"The agency [...] voted 4 to 0 to update its rules governing endorsements, and the new guidelines require bloggers to clearly disclose any material connection to an advertiser, including payments for an endorsement or free product."

• Our client Century 21 was honored with an OMMA Online Advertising Creativity Award (via RISMedia):

"The OMMA Award, which reviews submissions across all industries, honored Century 21 Real Estate for its search engine marketing work with MediaCom Search, a division of GroupM Search. Century 21 Real Estate was honored for having the best search marketing for paid search. Century 21 and MediaCom Search also received a Stevie Award this for this same campaign in July."

• Clean Slate blog digs into the generation gaps between real estate professionals and their business practices:

"As we look toward the future of our industry and the future professionals, we see promising, young and perhaps, virtual agents using the latest and greatest advanced methods of communications for inquiry generation and production (e.g. video, blogs, social networks, etc.). Yet, when we examine our current agent population, we have a majority of veteran professionals with ten or more years of tenure, production, and relationships that were built on handshakes, face to face conversations, and handwritten notes."

• The Facebook data team analyzes how happy people are based on their status updates:

"Every day, through Facebook status updates, people share how they feel with those who matter most in their lives. These updates are tiny windows into how people are doing. They're brief, to the point, and descriptive of what's going on this week, today or right now. Grouped together, these updates are indicative of how we are collectively feeling. At Facebook, we're always looking for ways to help people better understand the world around them, and we're interested in how people express their emotions with one other and the world. So earlier this year, data scientists at Facebook started a project to measure the overall mood of people from the United States on Facebook, based on the sentiment expressed in status updates."

Image Credit: Jon S on Flickr.com