WEBINAR: The Future of Online Lead Generation


Onboard partnered with RE Technology yesterday in a webinar around Improving Online Lead Generation.  Panelists Bobby Bryant from Doss, Brian Friemel from WURLDb Consulting, and Marc Siden from Onboard Informatics discussed the future of online lead generation in real estate.  View the entire recording of Online Leads Don't Suck (Conversion Rates Do) below.  Here are some of the key take-aways: More People are going Online, but they're taking longer to transact

"People are looking for properties six - eight months before they are ready to talk to a realtor," said Bryant.  The discussion centered around how to improve that search experience so when consumers are ready to view homes, they naturally turn to you.

  • Everyone looks online for properties available in areas they are interested in
  • Technology allows us to see what consumers are searching, even when not on your site or platform
  • That intelligence will inform agents and create warmer introductions and higher conversions

To Generate Better Leads, Show More than Just Listings, Show Value

"You have to start providing value right away," said Siden.  "The majority of the people you are talking to today aren't buying today, so what can we do to help them along the way?"

  • Use content to excite, engage and nurture consumers  through their sales process
  • 92% of consumers are looking at neighborhood and area information as well as specific property information
  • When you reach out to prospects, provide content that guides them through their search

Think About Generating Consumers for Life

"Most consumers aren't buying or selling homes, most consumers are living in homes," said Friemel.

  • Over 80% of consumers say they would use their realtor again, but just over 20% actually do
  • Continuous engagement is tough for a typical consumer, but technology can help
  • Use digital technology to retain consumers, not just acquire new leads

Don't Put Listings in the Center of Your Conversation, put Consumers in the Center of your Conversation

  • Use technology to better understand leads and deliver them information they care about at the right times
  • Find the content that matters to consumers during the selling and living cycle to create a customer for life
  • Instead of pushing out listings, try to pull prospects into a larger conversation
  • Instead of focusing on a particular piece of property, be an area on your consumer's wants and needs

Check out the webinar here and if you're interested in learning more about data-driven marketing, fill out the form below.