Tracking the 2014 Olympic torch relay


The Olympic flame, which commemorates the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, is lit several months before the opening ceremony and continues to burns through the Olympic games. Although the tradition was introduced to the modern-day Olympics in 1928, the largest national Olympic torch relay in history started in Moscow last year on October 7, 2013. Because we at Onboard Informatics love when data is implemented in creative ways, we wanted to share how one company is celebrating this new torch run record. RIA Novosti, Russia's leading news agency, debuted a highly interactive map detailing the torch's 123 day, 65,000 km journey through 2,900 cities and villages. Users can not only learn about the torch's every move, but they can also compare torch relay lengths over the years as well as torch shapes and sizes. Click the image below to learn everything there is to know about the Olympic torch. Feel free to reach out to us or subscribe to our newsletter on the right sidebar for more impressive data implementations and enjoy the Olympics!

Olympic Torch Visualization Courtesy of RIANOVOSTI