Video: Live Demo of Nav 2.0


Yesterday we hosted a Live Demo and Q&A of our latest product, Neighborhood Navigator 2.0.  I was joined by Brett Friedman, National Director of Sales and Dean Soukeras, Senior Product Manager and creator of Nav 2.0.  We walked through the product, explained the motivation behind building this solution, and fielded some outstanding questions.  We hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the demo (below), but if you don't have the time, here's what was covered. 1.  Nav 2.0 Delivers a 1-2 Punch!

Nav 2.0 is a new iteration of a product Onboard created 10 years ago called Neighborhood Navigator.  Navigator featured the most popular datasets in onboard's collection and made it easy for clients to display that content on their website.  Nav 2.0 includes this feature as well, but the Navigator Bar incorporates directly with your site, which makes for a seamless user experience.  It looks like it's part of your site and is fully responsive, displaying beautifully whether you're viewing it on a desktop or a mobile phone.

Nav 2.0 School screen shot

The second "punch" is the Nurture Bar.  The Nurture Bar offers to email the user a full property report of the home they are reviewing.  This easily allows you to capture more leads on your website.  We've known our content is effective in keeping people on your site longer for years.  Now we're using it to capture their information as well.

2.  Nav 2.0 Continues the Conversation with your Digital Audience

After they receive a property report, they will automatically receive a neighborhood report every other week with updates to things like home value and recent home sales.  This is content geared specifically to each person based on a property they care about, so these emails are read!  Every email features your agent's picture and contact information and when recipients reply to the email, it gets sent directly to you.

All of this requires no work on your part.  Just an easy and effective way to stay in front of your website visitors long after they've left your site.

3.  Nav 2.0 is Easy and Fast to Implement

You can have these two bars on your website or online application in less than a week.

Watch the entire demo below:

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