U.S. News' Best Places for Tech Jobs


Photo courtesy of Iman via FlickrUsing Onboard Informatics data, U.S. News & World Report introduced another set of its influential Best Places lists. The newest edition offers the Best Places for Tech Jobs for all the engineers and IT experts out there looking for a new gig.

"It's a recession, so few things are booming and no city is exactly thriving. But within the tech industry, some cities clearly have more job opportunities than others. Although tech employment overall has suffered along with the rest of the economy, there's been variance: High-tech manufacturing jobs have been shed more rapidly, while IT service jobs—in engineering and in software services, for instance—have fared better. And one future bright spot: Over the next three years, the federal government is projected to make 11,500 new hires in information technology jobs, according to a report by the Partnership for Public Service."

Check out which cities made the list and how U.S. News narrowed down the initial list of 2000 cities.

Image Credit: Wikipedia