Two Companies, Two Products, One Vision


For the last year or so, the folks at Onboard Informatics and Clareity Security have been working diligently to refine new products. The companies launched their respective products almost simultaneously in early 2011, each a clear representation of unique core strengths. For Clareity – the value of security and compliance. For Onboard – the value of comprehensive data with innovative technology. Unknowingly, both products were unified by one common vision: to empower MLSs, Brokers and Agents with information. As their individual business discussions progressed with MLS executives, it didn’t take long before the Clareity and Onboard folks found themselves around the table. The outcome? The unexpected harmony of complimentary products.

With this natural fit, and the mutual goal of making life easy for MLS and Broker customers, the teams are working on a plug-in-style integration between the (Clareity) SAFE Syndication and (Onboard) 360insight Advisor platforms.

Both products (and companies) remain totally independent but for clients, this integration simplifies decisions and delivers huge benefit. With the integration, an MLS executive and/or a Broker will have visibility and transparency throughout the data distribution process: from data licensing (license management, compliance and audit) to Publisher and website performance ranking, to revealing crisp, real-time depictions of online listings usage (all listings, across virtually all websites where listing data appears).

Independently and in partnership, the Clareity Security and Onboard Listings 360insight teams are proud to deliver such powerful, unprecedented tools and information that truly empower MLSs, Brokers and Agents.

Clareity Security Amy Geddes, EVP & COO Clareity Security 480.444.0014

Onboard Informatics Kim Cipriano Prior Vice President, 360Insight Solutions Marketing and Market Development 646.747.4396