Jim Harrison, Russ Bergeron, Cameron Paine.

What do these people have in common?

Well besides the obvious - bright, experienced and outspoken MLS leaders...all three have recently signed agreements with at least one major online publisher - opting for a direct data license agreement in lieu of sending their listings "through syndication".


In the RISMedia release, Jim Harrison states a primary objective of providing their own members the tools needed to advance the business. The other major reason we've heard is greater ability to manage the relationship, set terms and ensure accountability.

This recent "trend to direct" is punctuated by other activity that point to Brokers and MLSs being more mindful, strategic and performance-oriented about where they are sending listings and what's happening with them online. There are new flags in MLS systems to control syndication variables when the listing is entered by the agent. Strong innovation and adoption is happening in the online-listing-management space - like the launch of RED's reDataVault, our own 360°insight platform and Clareity's SAFE Syndication compliance management system. Syndicators are also building more Broker-centricity into their platforms.

One thing is certain; independent thought and progress is welcomed in an area where we have been spinning in frustration for so long. It's refreshing to see leaders stand up and take action.

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