Data storytelling on tablets is here


Remember when aggregate information was so scarce that anyone (media, private companies, etc.) presenting access to charts or graphs was heralded by the reader/consumer as engaging? Now cut to 2013, where beautiful 2-D data visualizations aren't even enough anymore. With the tablet market climbing rigorously and consumers demanding to take control of their information, it only makes sense that the leading data storytellers are using mobile, "touch-aware data visualization" tools where the user can explore and manipulate data. Some companies, such as Roambi, Tableau, and Bloomberg are doing this already.

TouchViz has a great video showcasing data can be touched, manipulated, and scrambled to suit the user.

[embedvideo id="RSnVv9oyC5Q" website="youtube"]

We've been working with a few clients (who we'll showcase here as soon as they're ready!) on turning raw data into actionable insights that say, a retail buyer, can manipulate to test their hypotheses.

This evolution isn't particularly surprising, given our own publishing clients have supplemented static lists with adjustable widgets where the user can find their own Best Places.

If the present is any sign of who the future of information belongs to, it's those that don't let "big data" distract from a human-centered experience.

Seen any good examples lately? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Wikipedia