The Most Irish Towns in America


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  This year, we wanted to see which places would likely be most festive today.  Below is a list of cities with the highest percentages of people with Irish decent in the US.

We wish you all a little luck of the Irish and a very safe and joyous day.

1.  Katy, TX

Irish - 2431  |  Population 18941 |  Percent of Irish decent - 12.83%

Katy, TX

With their "Fighting Irish" sports league and prominent school for Irish dance, Katy is our winner with the highest percentage of inhabitants with Irish decent.  Even the name is Irish!

2. Chamblee, Georgia

Irish - 1998  |  Population - 16005  |   Percentage with Irish decent  - 12.48%

Chamblee, Georgia Chamblee was originally a town of dairy farms.  Now it's a town with the second-highest percentage of people with Irish decent in the country.

3. Eagle Mountain, UT

Irish - 2447  |  Population - 26639  | Percentage with Irish decent- 9.1%

eagle mountain Eagle Mountain is a fast-growing city west of the Lake Mountains in Utah.  If you're in Eagle Mountain tonight, stop by O'Crowley Irish Tacos and Juice Press for some non-alcoholic festivities.

4. Hoboken, NJ

Irish - 4772  |  Population - 51980  | Percentage with Irish decent - 9.1%

Hoboken3 In addition to being the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken has more bars per square mile than any city in America according to these guys.  Sounds like a good place to spend the holiday!

5.  Avon, Indiana 

Irish 1515  |  Population - 17244  | Percentage with Irish decent 7.78%

Avon, Indiana is five miles west of Indianapolis.  If you're in Avon this St. Patrick's day, stop by Claddagh Irish pub for some festivities.

6.  Marina del Rey, California 

Irish 935  |  Total 10745  | Percentage with Irish decent 8.5%

Marina del Rey is the home of the largest man-made marina in the US.  A beautiful place to spend any day, Marina del Rey should be especially festive this evening.

7.  McNair, Virginia 

Irish - 1677  |  Total 19683  | Percentage with Irish decent 8.52%

Washington_Dulles_International_Airport_at_Dusk McNair is a small town east of Dulles Airport outside Washington DC.  With nearly 9% of the population from Irish decent, there might be a lot people enjoying cabbage this evening.

8.  Lewisville, Texas

Irish 8214  |  Total 103704  | Percentage with Irish decent 7.92%


Lewisville is a thriving suburban area in northern Texas will a lot of recreational activities.  This St. Patrick's Day, you can enjoy boating, fishing and camping.

9.  Enterprise, Nevada

Irish 10,014  |  Total 128,653  | Percentage with Irish decent 7.78%

enterprise Enterprise, Nevada is a town in northern Nevada.  Nearly 8% of the city's population is of Irish decent.

10.  Lone Tree, Colorado

Irish 1091  |  Total 14116  | Percentage with Irish decent 7.72%

Lone Tree Despite its name, Lone Tree has more than one tree, and a whole lot of people with Irish blood.   This evening, enjoy the Irish festivies at Maggie's pub or Celtic House Pub.


Wherever you spend this St. Patrick's day, we hope it's a good one.  If you are interested in seeing how Onboard content can help you create your next article, contact us today.