Top Cities for Political Junkies


Photo courtesy of Joe Tresh via FlickrIf political involvement ranks high in your value system, you're likely compelled to live in the company of like-minded peers to engage and organize with. In its latest community feature, U.S. News points its lens at the top 10 Cities for Political Junkies for all those who prefer C-SPAN and Gallup to ESPN and E!. The list is based primarily on Onboard Informatics data measuring household involvement in current events and political affairs. U.S. News screened the index for cities and towns with populations of more than 50,000 and further filtered the towns using voter registration statistics. The list is hardly a relocation tool for the far ends of the political spectrum; what the editorial team uncovered in their search were patches of purple.

"Although polarization might be ubiquitous on television, in blogs, and on the radio, it does not follow that the most politically active and politically interested people live in polarized communities, interacting only with those who agree with them. When U.S. News looked for the places where residents have the greatest interest in political affairs, it wasn't the heavily red or blue areas that popped up. Sure, there are plenty of political junkies in very liberal places like Portland, Ore., or very conservative places like small towns in Texas, but the places on our list are in more purple regions: Orange County, Calif., an area that is red relative to its deep-blue home state, or Fairfax County, Va., a county that traditionally elects Republicans but went heavily for Obama in the last presidential election."

The slideshow feature details why places like San Ramon, CA and Brookline, MA are perfect for political gurus.

Image Credit: Wikipedia