Top 10 Onblog Stories of 2015


This year Onblog had more readers than ever before.  Thanks to all of your interest as we wrote on subjects we love and care about – mainly how to use local data to bring you more success.  As we work toward a bigger and better 2016, we wanted to take a moment and recap the top stories of Onblog for 2015.  The stories that interested our readers the most and sparked some serious conversation. Thank you for reading and we all wish you a very healthy and happy new year.

Story #10

5 Ways to Use Local Data to Drive Traffic to Your Website: November 3, 2015


Ira Monko,  Chief Solutions Architect, wrote this piece on driving organic traffic to websites using local data.  Focused on the top tier of the sales funnel, this short piece broke down five easy ways to boost your ranking in search engines like Google using the power of local data.

Story #9

How to Use Postman: December 14, 2015


Cheryl Crouse, Associate Product Manager, wrote this piece on using Postman, a Chrome Application that helps develop APIs faster.  This step-by-step tutorial walks developers through Postman using graphics, sample code and more.  It was retweeted by Postman, which made us feel pretty great.  We did some high fives in the office.

Story #8

Richest Cities in the US and What it Means for Your Business: September 24, 2015


Pete Goldey, Co-Founder and CIO, knows a lot about local data.  He dissected an article published by Fox News on the Richest Cities in the US.  He broke down how they analyzed their data and then created his own top five.  The post demonstrated how local data can create a really dynamic, interesting picture of an area that captures your customer’s attention.

Story #7

Say Hello to the Onboard Report: January 22, 2015


 Marc Siden, Co-Founder and CEO, wrote this kick-off to the Onboard Report, a monthly online publication that pulls together stories from technology, data, real estate, publishing, and more.  The Onboard Report continues to be a well-read resource for our clients, partners, and others interested in the benefits of local data.

Story #6

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Attend the Fall RESO Conference: October 1, 2015


Scott Petronis, Chief Product Officer, wrote this tongue-and-cheek post on reasons to avoid the RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) Conference in Austin this Fall.  The post was well received with many comments and likes on our social media pages.  The reverse psychology must have worked – the RESO Fall conference was the biggest  RESO event ever held.  We’re excited about more advancements from RESO in the coming year.

Story #5

The Power of Engagement (Infographic): November 5, 2015


Nothing gets promoted like infographics (marketers – take note!) and this one got a ton of shares.  Based around the power of engagement, it demonstrated some amazing statistics on the difference effective engagement strategies make to sales, conversions, and more.  One sample: customers that come from a lead nurture program spend an average of 47% more than customers that don’t.

Story #4

What’s Fueling those Car Companies?  It May be the API’s….: June 9, 2015

car story

Jalia Dash was an intern with us over the summer, and managed to write this compelling piece on the power of technology.  APIs can be a little dry for those of us who don’t spend our days developing, but this piece brought to light the power of this technology using the personal transportation industry as a case study.

Story #3

Zillow is Taking your Traffic: How to Get it Back.  May 27, 2015

zillow is taking your traffic

Monko wrote this piece to promote a Webinar he hosted this spring.  In the session, he explains how to use local data to drive traffic.  Zillow has been effective using landing pages to drive organic traffic, so he used them as an example. The combination of strong video content, easy-to-follow instructions that have a big impact on business, and having “Zillow” in the title made this the third-most popular blog of the year.

Story #2

Onboard and Maponics Working Together: July 30, 2015

Maponics Boundaries Pic

JB Bednarsh, Co-Founder and President, announced the partnership with Maponics this summer in this popular blog post.  In an effort to reinforce Onboard’s mission to increase our clients’ sales through the best local data available, we partnered with Mapnonics whose boundaries are often considered the industry standard.  The partnership nearly doubled the number of boundaries now available to Onboard clients.

Story #1

The top 20 Cities to Celebrate Thanksgiving: November 24, 2015


Pete Goldey had the most popular blog post of the year by using the local data at Onboard to come up with the top 10 cities to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Using analytics that looked at the number of grocery stores, accessibility to local airports, and even weather, Pete compiled a list that was shared thousands of times.  This story not only got Onblog some nice exposure, it demonstrated the true power of local data.