Things to come in 2013


Our Director of Client Services, Jacek Rolnik, recently took some time from his busy schedule to talk about some of the challenges Onboard faces in 2013, as well as some of the things we are doing to improve our products and services.

What is Onboard's client focus for 2013?

I think if I had to summarize our focus for the year in a few words, it would be "back to basics." This year we will continue to focus a lot of our energy on improving our core products, systems, and processing - which includes adding in-house resources as well as better aligning tasks and functions with internal skill sets. This includes my team. We are also enhancing our core data offerings by expanding coverage, increasing fill rates, and improving overall quality. The end goal is to provide exceptional service and experience and the most "bang for the buck" for our clients.

What trends are we seeing in the marketplace?

I think real estate is ready to do great business again. I see companies across the board ready to compete and innovate like they did in the past. The "online" real estate experience has changed greatly since we came onto the scene 10 years ago. Where it was previously limited to the website, it now includes an increasingly diverse set of touch-points connecting consumers and real estate companies and professionals. Today, these touch-points consist of websites, portals, tablet and mobile apps, social tools, CRM and lead gen tools, and much more. Consumers want - and expect - to see a similar experience across these channels. At present, I think the real estate industry by and large struggles to effectively deliver a multi-platform, consistent, and compelling brand experience to consumers. I think this is a huge opportunity for our clients and for Onboard. A recent NAR and Google report suggested that now nearly 90% of home shoppers use mobile search for their research and decision making process.

What is Onboard doing now to improve internal processes and content issues?

Image Credit: As I mentioned earlier, a key focus this year will be improving our core content, systems, and data processing. It's no secret that we've experienced some challenges in recent months in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a major data center move, and other compounding factors. We are definitely getting back on track and improving things along the way - reexamining some internal processes - and in some cases, tearing things down and starting over. We are also building in additional standardization, automation, and quality assurance measures, which we are confident will immensely improve the overall service and value we deliver to our customers. I'm confident in the direction we are going.