The US states with the most and least opportunity


At Onboard Informatics, we recognize that people move primarily for new opportunity. This could be the opportunity to raise a kid in a new spare room, pursue a new job, be closer to family/friends, or the opportunity to provide offspring with a better education in a matching School Attendance Zone. However, What might be surprising is how much more difficult it is for kids in certain parts of the country to grow out of poverty compared to kids in other places. Opportunity-GPlusThis summer, researchers at Harvard and UC Berkeley worked together to quantify opportunity across the nation. A few of the sixteen units of measurement they used to quantify opportunity includes an area’s violent crime rates, preschool attendance, and the availability of affordable housing. What they found is that there is a vast difference in a child’s chance up upward mobility depending on their location. For example, the most opportunistic state is Vermont while the least opportunistic state is Nevada (shown here).

Surprisingly, many major cities scored low on the opportunity scale. For example, New York City was found to have a huge inequality problem but a contributing factor to the Big Apple’s low rankings may be that the study did not consider population density.

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