The state of Lifestyle Search in Real Estate


The New York Times recently reported on the growing importance of lifestyle search in the real estate industry:

"Homebuyers often embark on their home search armed with a vision of their ideal property, a laundry list of features they'd love to find or can't live without.

Several bedrooms. Large kitchens. A yard big enough for a garden. But what if you prize home traits that extend beyond property lines? Good schools, ethnic restaurants or grocery stores a mere stroll away?

Divining this from the address on a home listing can be difficult, especially if you are moving to a new city. Fortunately, many Web sites are incorporating ways for users to pinpoint the neighborhoods and properties that might best suit their home needs and lifestyles."

Read on about how Onboard and some of our clients are changing the face of real estate search, one step at a time.

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