The New Neighborhood Navigator!


On September 22, Onboard Informatics launched a new version of its long-standing product line, Neighborhood Navigator. The new and improved design includes a new user interface, maps and charts. All of the customization options still exist, with additional options now being available. Users can now customize graphs in addition to the color and image customization options that existed previously.For existing clients the switch will be seamless. The only difference is a slight change to the URL. Our Relationship Management and Product Support teams are already working to provide the pre-customized sites for those clients who previously customized their sites. Onboard is looking at the colors and images that clients previously used and are transferring these to the new version. The new user interface has a much cleaner look and feel, and as a result all those who previously provided Onboard with a Style Sheet will find that their new site will be that much sharper. Every client will be able to view these changes before actually putting the new URL into production. We will also send out the customizable images and the CSS template in case there are any additional changes that the client wants to make. In order to take advantage of the new changes clients should look to make the switch as soon as possible. Our Product Support team will work with them on any issues that may arise.

At Onboard, we are very excited about this recent launch. The whole team here has worked very hard to ensure a successful product launch. This is a first step of many more improvements to come! Please stay tuned for more Neighborhood Navigator updates and tips!

Check out a screenshot of the new design!