Did You Know About The Neighborhood Suite?


Onboard has been licensing local content to the real estate community for over twelve years now. During that time, we have noticed that there are a handful of datasets that the majority of our clients consider to be essential when illustrating neighborhoods on their websites and mobile apps. This was the impetus behind our Neighborhood Suite. The package includes five data sets: Community data, School data, Points of Interest, Market Trends, and Neighborhood Boundaries.  Below are just a few client implementations to exemplify the potential of our Neighborhood Suite:

M Squared


M Squared Realty, a brokerage in Washington, DC uses the Community, Points of Interest and Neighborhood data sets in this example. They have plotted the neighborhood boundary on a map, included the area demographics below it, and on a second tab, have denoted the points of interest that fall within that neighborhood. The idea is to not only generate SEO and keep users engaged, but also to enhance the look and feel of the website.




Century 21


Century 21 is a national franchisor. In this example, they have chosen to associate demographics and school information with each of their listings. When you pull up a listing page, you’ll notice that below it they have detailed information on weather, population, schools and more. These are pulled from our Community and School data sets. They also license Great Schools content from Onboard to supplement their school data with ratings and parent reviews.







 RealEstate.com is a national portal. They utilize all of the content in the neighborhood suite as well as a few other packages from Onboard. If you take a look at their site, you’ll notice they have created unique landing pages for zip codes across the US. Each landing page has charts, graphs, and statistics that lay out information pulled from our Community, Schools, Points of Interest, Market Trends and Neighborhood boundaries.




Protection One


Protection One is one of the largest home security companies in the US. They came to Onboard looking for content for their SEO strategy. They decided to build out landing pages for every zip code, neighborhood, city, town, and place in the country. Using Onboard’s Community and Neighborhood information allowed them to do this faster and with more ease. It also enabled them to pull details like weather, crime, and air quality, all of which are already geo coded for each location.




These implementations show a variety of use cases for local content ranging from an independent brokerage, a national portal, a national franchise and a national security company. There is no limit to the way local content can be digested and displayed. New use cases and implementation ideas come out every day which is what makes the Neighborhood Suite so exciting. The Neighborhood Suite can boost SEO, increase site engagement, help with lead conversion and much more. Give us a call to explore new ways this package could help your company innovate.


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Image Credit: North Charleston on Flickr.com