The Data Deal Series


Weighing your options on how you obtain data for your website isn’t always easy. There are numerous sources out there – some free, some at a cost, some private and some public.  How can you make sure you choose the best resource for your business? The Data Deal series helps guide you through the process of choosing that resource by offering questions you should ask and qualities you should look for in a provider.

This week we explore how to get started when shopping for a data resource. What qualities are important to your business and how can you make sure any given provider can provide what you need? Here are three easy questions you can ask to get you started:

Can you help me build my business?

Data alone isn’t enough to create the type of customer experience that will better your business. You need to understand how to incorporate that data into your system so it helps attract leads, promote onsite engagement, and convert visitors into clients. When you hire a company to provide data, make sure they have the ability to ensure you meet your business objectives.

Where do you obtain your data?

The source of any given data point is important. It speaks to how often that information is updated as well as the quality and reliability of the data.  If visitors to your website get inaccurate information, you will immediately lose their trust and ultimately, the sale. You want to make sure you’re providing the most reliable, highest quality data possible.

Do you have all the data I need to accomplish my goals?

You don’t want 15 different sources for your data. It means constant upkeep, maintenance, and potential for errors.  It’s easier to go to a single provider who has everything you need and can grow with your business.  Make sure a decision you make today won’t hurt you tomorrow.  Your data provider should offer the breadth of data you need today and in the years to come.

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