Staying on Top of Your Home Seller’s Needs


According to a recent REALTORS survey, 94% of home sellers say response time from their agent is extremely important. When people sell their home, the reassurance that a real estate professional is fully invested in the process is critical. There is a trend in the industry to shift the focus of innovation and technology to the home sellers. While large portals like Zillow and franchises like Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate create more and more sophisticated online experiences for the home buyer, little attention has been paid to the other side of the coin.

We saw a shift in that trend last month when Coldwell Banker released its CBx application for agents.  The app utilizes local data and industry trends to enable their agents to better inform home sellers on how and when to sell their home.

Now a new player out of Virginia, Squaresold, is exploring another angle to cater to the same target.

The Squaresold concept is to create an all-in-one mobile platform to help keep agents and home sellers connected, informed, and involved. As a jumping off point, Squaresold is offering home valuations from Onboard Informatics. The plan is to further develop the technology to carry the seller through the entire lifecycle of the home-selling process. The app will have features like communication tools and an online portal that tracks and repots online views, home visits, and number of days on the market.Through this app, the home-seller will also be able to download and complete important documents.

This might be another step in the growing trend of focusing on home-sellers in the real estate market.  We’ll be sure to continue to watch the industry and see who’s next to tackle this target. If you have thoughts on this development, please comment below.