Should I stay or should I go?


Life for recent college grads can be tough. There are bills to pay, jobs to find, and apartments to hunt for. Luckily for all those early twenty-somethings out there, Apartment Guide has made life a bit easier with its rankings of the Top 10 Cities for New College Grads. Using Onboard Informatics's lifestyle data, the rankings take into account all the amenities young people can ask for, including number of bars and restaurants and quality of nightlife and entertainment (surprise, New York came in first). Even more interesting, the study looks at the attitudes of recent grads, and the results might shock you. For example, did you know that only about half (51%) of students planned on moving after graduation? Or that, of all the grads that want to move, a whopping 43% are planning to move into the suburbs (big cities: 31%). All very cool stuff to look at, especially for those realtors trying to figure out what the new generation of homeowners is looking for.


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