Onboard Informatics' Shark Tank


For the Onboard team, Wednesday, September 10th concluded months of planning, hard work, and perseverance. Since June, we’ve been in the process of developing and perfecting some the most innovative products not only seen in the real estate and technology industries, but for industries that have yet to be ventured by Onboard Informatics. Through Shark Tank, Onboard’s summer program designed to strengthen ties and innovation across our company, our staff has competed against each other through 7 different teams in order to create the most innovative and lucrative products possible. Here’s what we came up with:

First Prize


The winning trophy went to The Jimmy Strap, a sanitary alternative to riding mass transportation. This innovation comes from Rick Zaccari, Tonya Nelson, Nathan Mayo, and John Baum.

“The Jimmy Strap enables commuters and pedestrians to ride the rails – subways, buses, trains or trolleys – with protection.  Jimmy Strap prevents riders from making hand-to-surface contact with any part of the subway car or bus that they have to grip for stability during the ride.”

Second Prize

The runner up trophy went to Jon Bednarsh, Erin Gilbert, Virginia Arnold, and Josh Nelson for their Swapalot idea. The Swapalot platform enables new mothers to exchange baby clothes and items among one another as their children grow. Congratulations Swapalot team!

Third Prize


Our third prize winners, including Jesse Gilles, Scott Petronis, and Gisselle Nunez, were additionally honored for their innovative RedNeckMyCrib.com, a platform dedicated to enabling everyday people express their inner red neck.

Winners at Heart

I Want to Plant a Tree for You (by Sonny Ouyang, Alan Blaustein, and myself) – A tree planting service that’s rooted in success.

Custom Cut Out T-Shirt (by Bing Han, Ming Shi, and Oleg Smirnov). Custom Cut Out T-Shirt is a shirt customization service that’s bounds to break holes in the apparel industry.

Food Detective (by Cheryl Crouse, Walt Baum, Galal Esmaiele, and Earl Parks). The Food Detective is an allergen detector that’s driven to save lives.

Waste Not, Want Not (WN.WN) (by Emily Oravecz, Darius Feili, Riad Hossain, and Rich Cato). WN.WN is an app designed to save food at a global level, starting right in your kitchen.

We would like to thank every Shark Tank participant for their innovation and dedication to making this a highly successful and memorable event.

WARNING: The content and ideas listed are hereby property of Onboard Informatics. Any adaptation, imitation, or theft of the ideas above will result in you becoming filthy rich and hearing from our lawyer.